turn of events

January 17, 2011

I am quite fascinated by the act of observing life in retrospect and seeing how things turn out to be the way they are. The way I am now in has been full of twists and turns and bends and curves. While the ache of twisting remains strong for a long time, its outcome is what you usually thank for. I was unsure about many of these turns until I realized how far I got in this new path that enjoyed more freedom, more thankfulness and joy.
I was free because I acquired a bigger role in/for nature.
I was thankful because I appreciated the wisdom and wonders of the turns.
I was in joy because I was surrounded by beauties and colors. I am still in.
4 years ago I gave out many things but 4 years after I have everything.

One Response to “turn of events”

  1. seda Says:

    i guess when life gets sth from you, it gives sth. else. but the problem is we dont generally understand what is given back and how valuable it is.
    it is not may be as much as we expect, i mean not equal to what is lost, but still it has its beauties.
    for instance, mom got sick and it took seriously too much from us and is still taking, even taking from the future, but because of that we ended up living things that we wouldnt in any other case. i cant say that it is ok the way things are right now, but i think i should still thank for the things this brought.

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