childhood greens

January 31, 2011

blessed are the ones who remember a childhood in greens. i was mainly surrounded by the grays of roads and buildings but my summers were devoted to a wonderful green: olive tree. i spent many lazy afternoons among olive trees when i was a child. played, ran and breathed among them. and i am now in one the biggest olive regions in the world and the sights are so familiar. that bluish hue shining shyly among pale green leaves, that short and sturdy bark, compact with its crowning branches, those little leaves dancing in the wind and those little fruits bearing future aromas and tastes worth lives. the sight of an olive tree is an immediate return to a childhood spent in carefree days and comfort. in this unknown corner of the world where i feel a tad lonely and a stranger, olive tree is enough to bring me back to a life of ease and familiarity, a place where i keep the soothing memories. green soothes and caresses my body, my soul and my mind. my childhood green is olive, yours maybe hazelnut or vine. blessed are the ones who have a childhood in green… those who are trying to return back to a life of nature can at least open the box of memories and contemplate.

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