joys of walking

February 27, 2011

i finally discovered the hills outside the city. olives and olives and olives. trees dominate the landscape and it is impossible to miss that familiar scent. it was a relief to be away from the streets that try to devour us every day. i was so overwhelmed by joy. joy from the sights and sounds and smells. joy from the silence. joy from realizing the endless possibilities that nature can bear. joy was in the sun burning our faces. joy was in our hands held together and feet caressing the grass. joy was in the trails of goats and in meeting that horse that appeared out of nowhere. joy was the day’s word. and across the sea, a friend was discovering joy in the heartbeats of a tiny owl. i could almost feel it too.
i was discovering my own heartbeats yesterday in those hills. with the wise hands of nature, my heart is once again tuned. and my hands are grateful for they touched the barks of olive trees again.

life in a seed

February 18, 2011

we are struck today by the news of a friend who chose to end his life. everyone is secretly asking what the reason was. we don’t know. life takes many people to these frontiers where one questions whether he should cross over or remain. a sudden trauma, a prolonged depression, a multiplicity of broken stories or even an absurd anecdote. anything is possible while ending one’s life is still and forever the most unnatural of all existence.
i am trying through these words, this blog, my life itself to unite the broken-hearted and nature, and every single day sad stories like this one remind me that how far away we live and question our lives from nature.
i was struck by the sadness myself and sought the end for misery for days, yet i found the cure in the soothing hands of trees and animals.
nature is and will be the only place where we are not rejected, where our deformations and bruises are accepted with joy, where our fears are turned back into hopes.
if only we could look and see its restorative powers. but we usually remain too blind and too close-hearted.
i was going to write about seeds yesterday which filled me with a sudden burst of joy. yet i was too overwhelmed with joy and could not find the right words. today they are here.
if one could only associate himself or herself with a tiny piece of seed, he/she would then see first how wonderful and amazing a single person can indeed be.
seeds are coarse, rough bits with seemingly low importance. yet they bear the life, the soul in themselves that is worth a world, millions of worlds. they are silent ants carrying the burden of existence. they are mirrors to the perfect design. but they are small and almost invisible.
just like us. we don’t know what sleeps inside them until the very end products yet again there is usually no end to their continuing existence once they are given life. just like us.
we bear power just like seeds that could lead us to diverse ways of freedom in joys or misery. one look at a seed, one touch and one careful listening would help us understand the value of life, of our own, of everyone, of everything on earth, and orient us to a life in harmony with all.
one seed is worth a million more as a single person is worth a million beauties. but we hardly see it as our hearts are closed and our eyes are too blind and our ears are too deaf to nature which is the mother of all these beauties.