joys of walking

February 27, 2011

i finally discovered the hills outside the city. olives and olives and olives. trees dominate the landscape and it is impossible to miss that familiar scent. it was a relief to be away from the streets that try to devour us every day. i was so overwhelmed by joy. joy from the sights and sounds and smells. joy from the silence. joy from realizing the endless possibilities that nature can bear. joy was in the sun burning our faces. joy was in our hands held together and feet caressing the grass. joy was in the trails of goats and in meeting that horse that appeared out of nowhere. joy was the day’s word. and across the sea, a friend was discovering joy in the heartbeats of a tiny owl. i could almost feel it too.
i was discovering my own heartbeats yesterday in those hills. with the wise hands of nature, my heart is once again tuned. and my hands are grateful for they touched the barks of olive trees again.


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