there is nothing to do but to surrender. no parting is coincidental or appears out of nowhere. no death is untimely. but we hardly see and understand it. i buried many in the dark particles of earth; i touched my own kin, long gone and cold; i held their numb hands with my numbed heart. all was untimely and i stood.
it is only from a larger window we see the meaning of death but that window is not in our house of living.
it is only in undiscovered shades of light, unreachable frequencies of sound that death reveals itself but we cannot see nor hear.
we do what we do best, we resist it. we deny it. but it wins. and we say farewell.
today we are struck again by sad news. earth called this time someone much admired, much followed by others to itself. and when the earth calls, there is nothing to do but to surrender.
why is it so hard to share?
why is it so hard to bear?
the burden of parting
falls only on one side.
why is it so hard to return
to our original nest?
why is it so hard to send someone
to what we know is the best caretaker?
earth will take care
earth will look after
not only the beloved
but us too, those who remain.
time is the only medicine they say
if we could look at earth right now, time would hush too.