April 23, 2011

one of the most intimate relations with mother earth happens when you meet the ocean. the first time i saw it was 5 years ago and i still remember the pain of joy for seeing the endless blue. it was so breathtaking, so amazing to look at, that i was speechless for a long time. and for days i could not take my eyes out of it. in fact i did not get used to it. it was so enormous, so overwhelming. it was teaching me how small i was in earth’s hands. how weak. but also powerful. powerful to be able to sense it and make a meaning out of it. i was oceanized. and for the whole time period i was there (portugal), everyday for 5 months, i sought it, touched or smelled it, and found refuge by it. it did not matter if things were wrong, ocean was there to erase them. to clean up my mind. i’m in love with flowers for their enchanting colors that puzzle my eyes. i’m in love with trees for their soothing whispers and their myriad of greens and browns. i’m in love with animals for their caressing furs and lovely sounds. but ocean! with its one color and one dominant sound it is the secret queen. it rests in my heart deeply.
i was by the same shores again after 5 years. and i cried for it, near it. i sought its silencing hands and held them with my feet. i touched its marching waves with my hands. and i smelled it, tasted it and sensed it. i was so naked without it for 5 years and it was a glorious reunification.