can’t beat flowers

May 1, 2011

The city is full of flowers. Cordoba is famous for its month of May when every resident puts himself/herself to work: embellishing their houses with pots of flowers. They compete, they sweat under sun, they get theirs hands dirty and they stain their white walls with the unbeatable colors of flowers. There is so much delicacy, so much care in the intimate flower-human relation here as we notice. People are welcoming summer with pinks and reds and yellows. For therapy, flowers offer a tremendous potential. Actually not much can beat them for their miracle touch.

I remember feeling the immense joy from seeing my tulip bud in the little pot I had in the gray city of Ankara. It was difficult times with too much trial and disappointment. Too much rain in heart. But the tulip offered me the will to continue the day, continue breathing and keeping hope. Its color shined into my room.

Flowers, sticking out of the dark soil, with their naughty colors, should remind us how we can ourselves rise and shine from the darkness we reside in, from the crevices we hide in. We should take heed in seeing their green bodies, full of vigor and hope, going high and wide. We should rejoice in seeing their petals tingling with wind as we go with the flow of life. We should learn how they use waters and lights of mother earth, to understand ourselves what She is offering generously. And we should imitate flowers in their efforts of rejoicing others as we heal and help others. Touch the petals of a flower today and feel the softness in your heart.


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