What is your favouite place? or places?
Have you ever sensed the power of a place that calls you to itself? Where you felt at ease going with the natural flows?
There are places that we connect deeply through their people, animals or plants. There are places that appeal to us for some inner reasons. There are places where we feel “at home”. We truly connect to these places.
But we lose those connections in time only to feel lonely, deserted and homeless.
Though it is us who desert the place, in the end we feel the consequences.
We search for different places that appeal to us for superficial reasons. We search places that have artificial meanings. We live or spend time in places where homes are only houses. We become homeless house-owners.
I feel like trauma, a condition of homelessness in itself is very much related to this disconnection. In our lives spent unaware of their meanings and desires for fulfillment, we hardly connect to a place, and in our traumas we look for no avail at objects, areas, corners that mean nothing to us. When we don’t sow connection trees, we don’t reap healing fruits.
Just like other conditions, trauma makes us go around for healing hands and arms and eyes but these meaningless places (though they could be meaningful for someone else) do not offer them. We fail to find help, we fail to find a cure.
What if we looked at those places where we deeply connected? What possible cure those places could offer us?
a whispering tree
a childhood backyard
a garden patch, a room corner with pale walls
a wooden plank by the lake shore
some streets of memory
some laughter coming from balconies
or our remembering hearts
mulberries on the way
soil beneath our feet
a distant echo of a child
maybe us, the long gone child
anywhere we have a bittersweet memory
anything that echoes in our souls
what cure those can offer while we search for meaning in cubicles, empty streets and empty toilet corners wet by our tears?
we need to look for ways of homecoming.

healing eyes

June 3, 2011

Trauma takes people into undiscovered corners of their minds and hearths. Our bodies and souls are already resistant and hesitant against others, but trauma creates unrecognized barriers between us and others. We feel that no one is able to understand us. True. Breakdowns, panic attacks, sleepless nights, sleepy mornings, suicide wishes at worst, fill the minds and hearts. And we seek help. Nothing big maybe, but only a quick smile, a caress on the head, a tap on the shoulder, something, something that will keep us attached to the life. But usually we are misunderstood if not rejected at all. Our hearts beat at enormous speeds yet we are told not to exaggerate. Our minds bleed dark dreams yet we are told not to make things up. Our bodies yearn for the final resolution yet we are told to go on as is we have the physical means. Trauma is unique to each person and is yet to be discovered by others.
When we seek help we often fail to look at other creatures and only look for the human touch. Our dark energies are deeply felt by animals who would willingly share a paw touch. They would willingly listen as if they would respond. Yet their ears wait and their paws remain untouched. We constantly look from the window ans watch passers go by but birds are there and singing; we fail to notice.
Look deep into the watery eyes of a dog and see the difference. Those are the healing eyes. Not the healing shoulders, mouths or hands we wait for, but they are enough and there. Look deep and see your own saddened eyes only to be softened by the reflecting ones. A dog senses you more then you can and is willing to listen. Talk and give yourself in. Healing is the common denominator in nature, shared by many. Be aware of animals’ abilities and do not restrict yourself to your own kind.
How you ever seen a handicapped dog? Pulling its legs or its walling device behind, clinging hard to life. Or a bird with missing fingers or wings. There is no place for dark dreams and wishes. Only the will to resist and go on. Look into its eyes and see its power. It will teach you more than any other person how you can go on. How you can manage. How you can succeed without others. You have the will in you and animals can show you this. Heal by seeing not seeking.