Lands of sand always cry
for the love of water
water purifies you
water soothes you
water makes you
for this we cry in the lands of sand
to cool our hearths and aching mouths

Lands of sand always cry
for the love of tree
you hide in their shade
you crawl in their bed
you die in their nest
for this we cry in the lands of sand
to make our ties with the eternal world.

When do lands of waters cry
and the lands of trees?
where to turn when they too deny you?
waters run dark
trees only witness
and you are naked like many in the lands of sand
waters and trees become sand

and sadness reigns

when waters also burn
trees also hush
look at the wholeness and wait in silence
the wholeness will soothe you
the wholeness will show you

unite the sand and the waters and the trees
for the love of wholeness
and fight together
work together
see together
you are no different when your heart aches
let your waters cool the sand
let their sand dry your hands
let trees cover all
and wait together

I was reading about children/youth-nature relation today and how it became to be restricted and almost impossible to establish in today’s world. Ideas took me back to my high school year spent in Tennessee where I had to experiment short and regulated lunch breaks and 5-10 minutes of intermissions spent chasing classrooms. Students were led to a courtyard encircled by wire fences and supervised during lunch because of security reasons and then after a bell ring were taken back to their classrooms. This whole system had appeared to me weird back then as I was coming from a high school where students had the chance to circle around big courtyards, playgrounds, corridors during their breaks and had a long leisure time for having lunch. However my school was exceptional and I knew that in Turkey too many students were not finding the chance to breathe and have fun between their classes (but still many school provided longer and unsupervised breaks) Not that we had parks and gardens in our school but at least we had some sort of breathing space and time.

Schools offer us many things as they claim but the reality is far from this.
They restrict us from many perspectives
But when it comes to physical restriction I think this is where they hurt us more
Young people are restless
They need to take their energies out
Reflect them
Use them
And create!
There is so much activity inside a child’s heart
so much desire to live
so much passion to express
what is felt by his/her 5 senses
Restricting these energies only increase the pressure inside
Young people need to run, play, jump, touch
and be touched by nature
They need to be free under a free sky
They need to be free over free grounds
Grounds that will touch and kiss them
With dirt they need to talk
With earth they need to grow
And with life they need to live
and enjoy what is given to them for free.
Let them breathe with all the energy
that the world can ever see.

I saw a pink sky yesterday. It filled the dark city from the top, covered it with feathers and glitter. The city, well known for being desolate and ugly, gained a different ground. It embraced the pink and boasted its urban lights, flickering with joy.
Cities are all dark maybe, but this particular one was the champion before my eyes. Champion for being the darkest and ugliest.
We are champions too when it comes to seeing the ugly and being the ugly. At heart at least. Our vision is blocked and we bleed dark rivers outside. Our depressive and broken hearts cry out loud.
But the sky is there. Blue, white and even pink!
Even when it’s dark and cloudy, it still offers light, or at least wind to cool our dying hearts.
The sky is endless and it is our limit to appreciate life. Our lives are endless too with myriad of opportunities. We have the right to turn them into blues and pinks or windy blacks.
We are the limit to our joy and sadness.
The sky is too generous and is never hiding from us, it is always there to show us how to embrace the darkened ones.
It embraces us.
Why don’t we embrace ourselves and accept our darkness?
Let the pink cover you, wash you with joy.
Let the blue take you away.
Let the white soothe you.
Let the cloudy black refresh you.
Just let the endless skies heal you and hush.