spring rain

May 28, 2012

spring rain,
as it cleanses the whole city
it forgives us too
forgives that we forgot
that we gave up
mother nature.

it gives us a chance
-as the green rushes to our sight
as the blues and greys melt-
the chance to remember
mother nature.

and the rain
they fuse together
in the name of mother nature.

as the spring goes

May 27, 2012

as the spring goes
as the life blooms at full speed
in my balcony
in my garden
in my city
in my land
life blooms in me too
in my veins i felt it before
in my heart i felt it before
spring means life
but in my womb
that is new this time.

a new way

May 27, 2012

i am in a constant search
i am searching the ways to connect to my mother earth
there is a myriad of ways
to find her
to feel her
inside or outside
she is everywhere and everything

i am growing myself
with the feel of her
the touch of her
the sounds
the visions
oh those visions
colors, all the colors and more
i am growing with mother earth for her

but now i discovered a new way
a brand new one
nothing i felt before
nothing i knew before
a new way to connect to my mother earth
a way to feel her
but also to feel like her
i am growing life, inside.