Thunder and torrents led me to seek breeze in new grounds. I hosted deception in my old skin and shed it out. I was born again with nature and its healing hand that I had long lost in the sunny days of adolescence. My long gone motivation for the search of truth returned to me and “I” forgave “me”. I was lost but now am found. I was stuck but now am gone. Nature found me, nature bore me again. I am not resisting the feeling of letting go. I let it simply go.

This blog is devoted for you all, seeking refuge, truth and meaning in nature. I discovered my all selves inside nature and soothed my wounds through its helping hands. My writing here is calling you to do the same. I will write here my impressions and my feelings ablaze with my love for the mother earth. Listen to her, touch her, see, smell and taste her. There you will be reborn. Then you will be caressed.

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