November 11, 2011

i feel the touch of autumn
with a new membrane this time
it touches with hope

beauty of autumn

October 23, 2011

the endless veins on the surface
caressing the skin
the leaf is visible and felt
through the veins.

where are your veins that feed you
that give you the life
that bear your life?
feel them and see.
and caress with care.

sometimes they are dry
and clogged
and rain trap them, stop them and kill them
veins are dry.
don’t ever despair
don’t ever give up
just look up
look up at the tree and see
how it sheds the leaves with lifeless veins
in vain is despair
in the presence of a tree that knows how to live, to go on
in new veins it repairs
and you if you see.

there are times

October 13, 2011

there are times when I feel like this dried tree
all energy and -worst- hope taken away
but i know i cannot be like it
it’s a tree and even in the midst of coldness and emptiness it bears life in it
we see it dry and we think it is the image of loneliness, hopelessness
but it is only our imagination
the tree has life and it is vibrant
inside it is burning, boiling with emotion
like us actually
we think we are emptied, dry and hopeless
but it is only our imagination that makes us see ourselves deserted
hope is there
and life is there too
it is just a quick perspective shift that we need
a momentary lapse of reason
that binds us to us


May 11, 2011

rise above your dark grounds like a sprout, pushing, pushing with vigor
what holds you gives you strength
what stops you shows you the way
like earth that carries the sprout to heavens
you are carried to your heavens and dreams
with your dark grounds beneath
what enemy you have under your feet
is in fact your home
what hands and arms that hold you tight and
are in fact your guides
be a sprout
and rise above your dark grounds
for they are what carry you on.

life in a seed

February 18, 2011

we are struck today by the news of a friend who chose to end his life. everyone is secretly asking what the reason was. we don’t know. life takes many people to these frontiers where one questions whether he should cross over or remain. a sudden trauma, a prolonged depression, a multiplicity of broken stories or even an absurd anecdote. anything is possible while ending one’s life is still and forever the most unnatural of all existence.
i am trying through these words, this blog, my life itself to unite the broken-hearted and nature, and every single day sad stories like this one remind me that how far away we live and question our lives from nature.
i was struck by the sadness myself and sought the end for misery for days, yet i found the cure in the soothing hands of trees and animals.
nature is and will be the only place where we are not rejected, where our deformations and bruises are accepted with joy, where our fears are turned back into hopes.
if only we could look and see its restorative powers. but we usually remain too blind and too close-hearted.
i was going to write about seeds yesterday which filled me with a sudden burst of joy. yet i was too overwhelmed with joy and could not find the right words. today they are here.
if one could only associate himself or herself with a tiny piece of seed, he/she would then see first how wonderful and amazing a single person can indeed be.
seeds are coarse, rough bits with seemingly low importance. yet they bear the life, the soul in themselves that is worth a world, millions of worlds. they are silent ants carrying the burden of existence. they are mirrors to the perfect design. but they are small and almost invisible.
just like us. we don’t know what sleeps inside them until the very end products yet again there is usually no end to their continuing existence once they are given life. just like us.
we bear power just like seeds that could lead us to diverse ways of freedom in joys or misery. one look at a seed, one touch and one careful listening would help us understand the value of life, of our own, of everyone, of everything on earth, and orient us to a life in harmony with all.
one seed is worth a million more as a single person is worth a million beauties. but we hardly see it as our hearts are closed and our eyes are too blind and our ears are too deaf to nature which is the mother of all these beauties.

childhood greens

January 31, 2011

blessed are the ones who remember a childhood in greens. i was mainly surrounded by the grays of roads and buildings but my summers were devoted to a wonderful green: olive tree. i spent many lazy afternoons among olive trees when i was a child. played, ran and breathed among them. and i am now in one the biggest olive regions in the world and the sights are so familiar. that bluish hue shining shyly among pale green leaves, that short and sturdy bark, compact with its crowning branches, those little leaves dancing in the wind and those little fruits bearing future aromas and tastes worth lives. the sight of an olive tree is an immediate return to a childhood spent in carefree days and comfort. in this unknown corner of the world where i feel a tad lonely and a stranger, olive tree is enough to bring me back to a life of ease and familiarity, a place where i keep the soothing memories. green soothes and caresses my body, my soul and my mind. my childhood green is olive, yours maybe hazelnut or vine. blessed are the ones who have a childhood in green… those who are trying to return back to a life of nature can at least open the box of memories and contemplate.