nova-membrana 2

November 11, 2011

variations of november
my heartbeat and breathe
in me the month revives


November 11, 2011

i feel the touch of autumn
with a new membrane this time
it touches with hope


November 3, 2011

feel the circles of a tree
without seeing them
no touching either
feel them and
understand how hard it is to form one circle
how many pouring rains
how many scorching rays
and hungry animals
have crawled on that tree yet it bore all
and formed a circle
and then another
and yet another
it knows
what you forgot long ago
that is how to live.

my haiku

October 23, 2011

the life in a vein
of a leaf that lives
shows my pain in vain.

there are times

October 13, 2011

there are times when I feel like this dried tree
all energy and -worst- hope taken away
but i know i cannot be like it
it’s a tree and even in the midst of coldness and emptiness it bears life in it
we see it dry and we think it is the image of loneliness, hopelessness
but it is only our imagination
the tree has life and it is vibrant
inside it is burning, boiling with emotion
like us actually
we think we are emptied, dry and hopeless
but it is only our imagination that makes us see ourselves deserted
hope is there
and life is there too
it is just a quick perspective shift that we need
a momentary lapse of reason
that binds us to us

What is your favouite place? or places?
Have you ever sensed the power of a place that calls you to itself? Where you felt at ease going with the natural flows?
There are places that we connect deeply through their people, animals or plants. There are places that appeal to us for some inner reasons. There are places where we feel “at home”. We truly connect to these places.
But we lose those connections in time only to feel lonely, deserted and homeless.
Though it is us who desert the place, in the end we feel the consequences.
We search for different places that appeal to us for superficial reasons. We search places that have artificial meanings. We live or spend time in places where homes are only houses. We become homeless house-owners.
I feel like trauma, a condition of homelessness in itself is very much related to this disconnection. In our lives spent unaware of their meanings and desires for fulfillment, we hardly connect to a place, and in our traumas we look for no avail at objects, areas, corners that mean nothing to us. When we don’t sow connection trees, we don’t reap healing fruits.
Just like other conditions, trauma makes us go around for healing hands and arms and eyes but these meaningless places (though they could be meaningful for someone else) do not offer them. We fail to find help, we fail to find a cure.
What if we looked at those places where we deeply connected? What possible cure those places could offer us?
a whispering tree
a childhood backyard
a garden patch, a room corner with pale walls
a wooden plank by the lake shore
some streets of memory
some laughter coming from balconies
or our remembering hearts
mulberries on the way
soil beneath our feet
a distant echo of a child
maybe us, the long gone child
anywhere we have a bittersweet memory
anything that echoes in our souls
what cure those can offer while we search for meaning in cubicles, empty streets and empty toilet corners wet by our tears?
we need to look for ways of homecoming.


May 11, 2011

rise above your dark grounds like a sprout, pushing, pushing with vigor
what holds you gives you strength
what stops you shows you the way
like earth that carries the sprout to heavens
you are carried to your heavens and dreams
with your dark grounds beneath
what enemy you have under your feet
is in fact your home
what hands and arms that hold you tight and
are in fact your guides
be a sprout
and rise above your dark grounds
for they are what carry you on.