Currently I am following an educational program (master’s in agroecology in Norway) which appeared to me at the right moment at the right place. I was too perplexed by my previous studies which were not coinciding with who I am or what I want in life and I decided to follow this new opportunity without hesitating. I took courses in Norway and later Spain and will follow new ones in Austria soon as part of my studies.

My personal work and ethics life is focused on bringing people and nature together, a relation I think too torn out in our era. Bridging the ever growing gap has become my trigger in life and I work endlessly for this aim. My educational life provides the impetus from the perspective of food and I enjoy being a food activist and helping people figure out the realities behind food in today’s world. However I also work for the human-nature relation from the perspective of human soul. I believe that the bruises and scars on the soul tissue are easily soothed and well handled by nature, our grandest Mother. When people forget about it, illnesses and broken hearts easily fill up the air.

In order to reach other people I talk, listen and write. I have recently begun incorporating horticultural therapy into my life and I intend to expand my interest to animal-assisted therapy as well. Nature-related healing is what gave me back my values and made me realize what little or big I can offer to people who have been left broken. My future plans involve creating a space for people where they can come and discover themselves the therapeutic potions of nature and where I can offer them a helping hand to facilitate their initiation.

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